Jim SwansonAerial and Tracking camera

I started in the aerial filming business a long time ago, in 1989, when I got a job as a runner for Flying Pictures – Marc Wolff, James Bond, Adam Dale – those guys… After a couple of years, they let me move into the camera department and I started tech’ing the kit and learning about cameras. It was great fun – I got to go all over the place and experience at first hand the largesse and sheer fun of a complicated world without either emails or cellphones.

But I had to grow up and move on and thus went freelance in 1995. I was camera-assistant for a while, but could never resist the allure and reliable top-whack of aerial filming work. In 1999 I was employed by ACS UK in their revitalised film unit but was quickly sent over to France, where they started using the new Stab-C. I was invited to move over to France and step up to become operator and I spent a lovely few years as the world went mental for this new stabilised head.

With a young family though, things were a bit too busy – so I eventually became freelance again and moved back to the UK. Since then, I’ve been at work non-stop - the work keeps coming and thanks to companies like ACS France and Helicopter Film Services in the UK I’m constantly in demand.

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Brainstorm    Charles De Gaulle Museum    Busch European Adventure    Ferrari World    D-Day